I just deleted more than 80000 comments from spammers. and i must thank you for providing me with a few lists with more than 150000 entries about your own IP, Web links, mails, etc and also about your customers... :-)

As you noticed it by sending me some mails asking for spam comments removal... your google ranking is failling down and it can be said that you blowed it up by yourself by transforming this blog (and some others) into a piece of junk.

Your datas have been wisely used in several web pages... the most discrete ones with a short life time and at no cost for me : wget, find and xargs made the job by scanning my very own blogs and websites and retreiving your data and your customer references.

Anyway theses pages and temporary includes were made available to google's and to any other indexing site's crawlers. It seems also that some spammers also scanned thoses pages and feed your data into their databases.

Good luck !